Bright Star  

Bright Star Company has advantage with trading and agency for big history and long experience in the Egyptian marketing it was assisted by a business man called Tarek El Arabi at 1986 and then we created blue bird company for import and export at 1990. Bright Star started to be the king in gift item and promotion item's and hotel suppliers


So the new ideas developed the new ways in selling Marketingto make the success come a day>after a day. The big success that Bright Star reached it in the Egyptian marketthrough history for a lot of reasons and for a political system and it is fromthe big agents that the foreign companies depend on it and the income companiesbeside the import way that the company work in it.

The services of Bright Star are without limits Bright Star make a big service that she help the customer before selling and after selling with her unlimited services, so Bright Star contains a professional team of selling they are well trained and have goodexperience and they are well trained to let the customers be comfortable and they are working under a big management that guide them and this what thecustomer need from a new ideas and we hope what are we doing is getting better and better to be at the top.


Finally to make our company big to contain more employees to get our work wider to contact with the all the customers and this building will be the head office and it is contain 7 floors through the following 12 month.
New Address: El Maadi behind Carrefour


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